In the home health care industry, the main difference between an agency and a registry is who is managing the caregiver. When the client is considering between a home health agency and a home care registry (House Hold Employer) for their loved one, they need to understand that the agency manages and assumes the liability of the caregiver and with the registry model, the task falls on the individual or their family.

That is why many of the home health care agencies are now partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Resourcing Edge. Most owners got into the home health care industry for their passion for caring for those that are not able to care for themselves, not managing employees!

In doing so, you transfer the burden administrative liability of your employees such as payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation, DOL Audits, ACA compliance, benefits administration, and a full service HR and legal team that allows you to focus on what you do best!

Here are resources:

New IRS tax doc

Understanding the Differences


Patient / Family

Interviewing the Applicant  X X
Criminal Background Check  X  
Caregiver Training/Continuing Education  X  
HR Support  X  
Liability Insurance  X  X
Workers’ Compensation  X  
New Employee Paperwork & Reporting  X  
Manage DOL Audits  X  
Employee Handbook / Policies & Procedures  X  
Payroll: Direct Deposit, Pay Card, Paper Check  X  X
Unemployment Insurance  X  
Handle Federal & State Tax Withholdings  X  X
Handle FICA & Medicare Withholdings  X  X
Cover shift, if caregivers is absent  X  
Prepare and process year-end tax filings  X X