5 Ways to Effectively Spring Clean Your Office

Has your annual employee satisfaction survey lost its appeal? Even though it can provide valuable data, the typical survey can take too long for employees to complete and by the time the data is received and processed, it may be outdated.

Pulse surveys, on the other hand, are the upcoming trend. They take less time to complete and can be administered more frequently to measure progress. A pulse survey may be a better option, but it too has its disadvantages. Since they are repeated in shorter periods of time, employees may become disinterested in completing them so response rates drop. In addition, they should only be used when leaders are ready to receive the information and are able to do something with it. 

So, which survey is the best tool for your company?


Annual surveys measure multiple factors across the organization, identifying strengths and areas of focus.

Annual Surveys are ideal for:

Though referred to as an “annual survey”, frequency depends upon the time it takes to:


Pulse surveys are a great tool for measuring progress on action plans or for obtaining feedback on a specific business initiative. These are short surveys, often containing one to five questions.

Pulse Surveys are ideal for:


Ask the following questions when deciding between a larger, less frequent survey and a pulse survey:

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