The Resourcing Edge Job Fair at LifeTown Columbus

The Resourcing Edge Job Fair provides an unprecedented opportunity for 300 middle and high school students with a spectrum of disabilities to interact with more than 30 community employers.

Announced - May 2, 2018


Resourcing Edge, an industry leading, Certified Professional Employer Organization, with offices in the Polaris area of Columbus, is highly excited to present the Resourcing Edge Job Fair at LifeTown Columbus.

The Resourcing Edge Job Fair provides an unprecedented opportunity for 300 middle and high school students with a spectrum of disabilities to interact with more than 30 community employers. Students develop and practice the skills necessary to obtain competitive community employment, from promoting their own skills to prospective employers to envisioning future job possibilities upon graduation.The Resourcing Edge Job Fair is the capstone to the year-long LifeTown Mentoring Program with a focus on discovering job specific skills, resume writing, completing applications and interviewing. Tim Kinnear, President of Resourcing Edge, expressed the importance of the LifeTown program, stating “early development of the life skills LifeTown teaches not only provides a valuable foundation, but doing so in a fun, safe environment builds a lifelong desire to succeed and continue their learning. We’re proud to support this unique initiative.”


Among employers, there is an increasing awareness that people with disabilities represent a diverse labor pool with a wide range of backgrounds and experience and are capable of meeting or exceeding performance standards. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected there will be an approximate 10% increase in the number of jobs available to individuals with disabilities between 2012 and 2022 so now is the time to prepare students to enter the workforce.  


“While students with special needs are graduating from high school at higher rates than at any other time in history, only 38% of adults with disabilities are employed,” says Esther Kaltmann, LifeTown Columbus Director. The ability of individuals with special needs to enter the workforce is largely dependent on their non-academic life, social and pre-employment skills. Learning how to make and keep appointments, successfully interview and compete for jobs, and becoming a self-advocate for the first time are tangible skills that make the difference between a life dependent on others with a government benefits driven existence and a life with the freedom to make career and lifestyle choices,” adds Kaltmann. “Resourcing Edge is ahead of the curve in understanding trends for employers and we are honored to partner with them in increasing the percentage of people with disabilities in the workforce.”


Resourcing Edge, along with sponsoring the job fair, will work with the attendees to showcase opportunities available in the community and develop interview skills through one on one sessions with a variety of specialized HR Services personnel.  "Students leave with confidence and abundant resources, knowing that there are businesses in Columbus that will give them a chance to live fulfilling lives," says Esther Kaltmann, LifeTown Columbus Director.


About Resourcing Edge Holding Company LLC.

Resourcing Edge is an industry leader in human capital management solutions, combining decades of experience with cutting-edge tools, helping businesses manage, develop and retain a talented team, ensuring compliance, minimizing risks and freeing up precious time and resources. To learn more, please visit us at or call Executive Vice President of National Sales and Marketing, Ron Cleboski, at (214) 771- 4411.


About LifeTown Columbus

Established in 2008, LifeTown Columbus is a 5,000 sq. ft. realistic indoor village designed specifically for children with special needs to practice important life, social and pre-employment skills through role-play. Developed in consultation with parents of children with special needs, therapists, educators and professionals, LifeTown teaches the transitional skills necessary for adult independency in a supportive environment with nine venues including a realistic Huntington Bank, Deli, RiteRug Movie Theater, Fit for Life Medical Center. Last school year, LifeTown provided 5,626 visits to 1,345 unique students in 80 schools across 20 districts and 6 private schools in and around central Ohio.  For more information, visit