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Though majority of employers are not making the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for their employees, they are taking steps to make the vaccine more accessible, believing that a vaccinated workforce will allow employees to begin working in the office again.

The favored approach regarding the vaccine is, of course, encouraging employees to get inoculated rather than requiring proof of vaccination. Only 10% of employers believe the vaccine should be mandatory.

Population health leader Jeff Levin-Scherz says employers should make getting the vaccine an easy choice for their employees: first convince your employees to get the vaccine, then make it easy for them to do so.

A recent survey conducted by Willis Towers Watson, the Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey, found that employers are taking the actions listed below to help encourage their employees to get vaccinated:

Adopting Vaccination Policies:

  • Communicate to employees the value of the vaccines
  • Develop policies and procedures to make getting vaccinated easier
  • Obtain vaccines to administer to employees or facilitate access to vaccines through a third party
  • Offer incentives to employees who get vaccinated
    • 39% will provide extra leave or vacation time
    • 10% will offer cash or other financial incentives
  • Mandate that, at some point in the future, proof of vaccination will be required as a condition of employment

Getting the Word Out:

  • Provide employees with information on the benefits of the vaccines
  • Educate employees about vaccination eligibility in their state
  • Address vaccine safety and efficacy questions
  • Provide information on how to access the vaccines in their state

Providing a Variety of Resources:

  • Facts about the benefits of the vaccines
  • Details on access to the vaccines
  • Information about insurance coverage or reimbursement approaches
  • Trusted sources of vaccine information employees can check
  • The company’s position on vaccination policy
  • Company leaders’ vaccination experiences

Our Resourcing Edge HR Professionals are available to provide additional information if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above options. Regardless of the strategy you choose to adopt, we are here to help.

Matt Kinnear

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