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Updates to Pay Transparency

Effective January 1, 2024, the state now requires employers to notify employees about all job opportunities (not including career development or progressions) in advance of filling them. Previously, notice was only required for promotional opportunities. The notification needs to include the rate or range of pay, a general description of other benefits or compensation, and the date the application window is expected to close. For employers with no physical location in Colorado and 14 or fewer remote employees in the state, only remote job opportunities must be shared.

Employers also have new post-selection notice responsibilities. Within 30 days of the selected candidate starting the job, employers must communicate the following information to the employees that will regularly work with that individual:

  • The name of the person who filled the position
  • The person’s title
  • The person’s prior title with the employer, if applicable
  • How and where employees can express interest in similar job opportunities

Finally, all eligible employees must be notified of a position’s requirements for career progression when it’s regular or automatic and based on time or other objective metrics; for example, when a junior stylist is automatically promoted to senior stylist after one year in the role. Employees must also be told the pay, benefits, full- or part-time status, duties, and access to advancement.

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