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WFR Georgia State Fixes 2022

Georgia State Tax standard deduction updated

Effective 1 January 2022, the Georgia State Tax standard deductions have been updated. The supplemental wages withholding tax rates, withholding rates on bonuses and other compensation, personal allowance values, and the subject wage tax brackets remain the same for 2022.

Informational Updates 2022

Georgia State Tax parameters updated

Updated the following Georgia State Tax miscellaneous parameter certificate line numbers to correspond to the actual line numbers on Form G-4.

• FILINGSTATUS: Corrected certificateLineNo from “Form G-4, Number 3” to “Form G-4, Line 7, Letter Used”
• PERSONALALLOWANCES: Corrected certificateLineNo from “Form G-4, Number 1 (A-E)” to “Form G-4, Line 3”
• DEPENDENTALLOWANCES: Corrected certificateLineNo from “Form G-4, Number 4” to “Form G-4, Line 4”

These changes do not affect any calculations. The only change you may see in your system is if you are retrieving any of these fields to display information or help text.

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