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Companies just love dealing with endless amounts of physical paperwork with their newly hired employees, right?

Wrong! Very few companies have the resources to properly accomplish a successful onboarding when they only use paper-based forms. Our Electronic Onboarding platform saves our clients time and space and allows new hires to complete their necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Switching to an electronic onboarding process ensures your new hires will not feel overwhelmed by an unnerving amount of paperwork. At the same time, employers can put all the necessary steps and documentation in place at one time for all future new hires.

Our Electronic Onboarding platform allows companies to:

  • Be technologically savvy and environmentally conscious
  • Experience increased employee engagement
  • Simultaneously automate new hire processes across several platforms
  • Securely maintain employee documents
  • Look organized and efficient

Be technologically savvy and environmentally conscious

In the new workplace environment, employers and employees rely more heavily on technology than they ever did before. By automating an employee’s initial experience with your company, you set the stage for updated technology use in order to achieve compnay success. Another great benefit of electronic onboarding is the reduction in your company’s carbon footprint; a value that is becoming more prevalent in job seekers.

Experience increased employee engagement

Research shows that the first 6 months are crucial for new employees. During that time, they determine whether they are going to stay with your company or move on to something different. The effectiveness of the onboarding process has a significant influence on their decision. When an onboarding process is organized and efficient, it makes for a professional first impression. New hires can complete their paperwork prior to their first day, giving them more time to adjust to their new role and interact with their fellow coworkers.

Simultaneously automate new hire processes across several platforms

The automation of new hire documents is a win-win for both employers and new employees. Electronic onboarding allows for the ability to collect paperwork quickly, track the completion status of forms, and simultaneously store documents across several platforms.

Electronic onboarding also improves data consistency. Errors occur more frequently with paper forms and manual data entry. Electronic onboarding reduces those errors by eliminating manual data entry and duplicate processes. Information is first verified by new hires at the start of the onboarding process and then carried seamlessly through the system for data population as needed.

Securely maintain employee documents

By eliminating paper forms and physical filing cabinets, employers would also be eliminating the fear of employee personal information being compromised. All new employee data gathered during the electronic onboarding process is stored securely in our cloud, with access granted only to those with designated permissions. You will no longer need to remember if you locked that filing cabinet where employee files were stored!

Look organized and efficient

The electronic onboarding portal enforces consistency in the new hire experience; a rather important factor in today’s remote work environment. Employers save time by having things such as handbooks and acknowledgements signed by employees in the onboarding workflow. Employees have immediate access if they want to download company policies, guidebooks, and handbooks. One singular system serves the needs for both the employer and the employee during the crucial first few days.

If you are not taking full advantage of our Electronic Onboarding platform, please reach out to your Resourcing Edge Client Account Manager for more information. We will be happy to set your company up for a successful onboarding experience.

Ashley Brashier

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