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Most puppies have regular daytime zoomies, but why does it always seem to happen right when you have an important Zoom conference? To work professionally from home you have to keep your best friend occupied while work goes on. Taking care of your dog has now become a professional business concern.

That is where BarkerFun comes in. BarkerFun invented a pandemic era zoom meeting puppy barking disturbance solution. It’s called the Treat Clincher, and it was designed to hold bully sticks, bones, and other long-lasting treats.

The basic issues with food treats has always been: how long will they last until my dog comes looking for more attention? And just how much mess can you put up with in your home? The Kong is a rubberized soft food holder which is great at occupying a dog for an extended period of time, but can unfortunately create a mess on carpets and floors as the dog tries to free the treat inside.

The Treat Clincher attaches to a fixture like a table leg or fence post and will hold a variety of long-lasting pet treats. The bully stick or other treat remains in one place up off the floor, while the dog chews safely and you can peacefully take care of your business and keep a watchful eye from a distance. No more holding a pizzle stick with your hands or pliers, no more slobber on your carpets, no more worry about your pet swallowing unchewed chunks or choking.

The bully stick is an exceptional, high value, healthy, long lasting treat dogs love. It can take a strong chewer an hour or more to work through a bully stick.The problem for the dog’s owner has been that the bully stick consumption must be monitored, as they can pose a choking hazard. Puppies may try to swallow bully sticks whole. Or the remaining small end piece of a stick may get swallowed and choked on. Also bully sticks are messy. So while the dog is happily occupied the dog owner is stuck often holding the bully stick. That’s not a professional look for a business conference.

BarkerFun has created a pet treat holder that is an industrial work of art. The Treat Clincher is indestructible, milled out of solid aluminum. It holds the bully stick in one place so your floors and carpets do not get slobbered on. You can confidently occupy your most voracious chewer with a bully stick locked in the indestructible holder.

We created the Treat Clincher so people like you, people who need to calmly carve out some quiet time for work, can do so when you need it the most.

Watch an Austin Texas homeowner talk about his views of the Treat Clincher.

If you would like to know more about Barkerfun visit their website by clicking the button below!

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