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When searching for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is a key factor to consider. PEOs are supposed to simplify things, not make them more complicated.

If you have to seek out multiple points of contact, you end up playing a game of telephone instead of focusing on your growing operation. This can be extremely time consuming and overly complicated. And as we all know, time is money.

A single point of contact will be intimately familiar with your business, acting as an extension of your team. Ideally, your SPOC will always know what’s going on and will be proactively keeping your best interests in mind.

What is a single point of contact?

A single point of contact (SPOC) is one person or department that handles all requests and inquiries. They will be in charge of the day-to-day communication, management, and the rapid resolution of service requests and claims. Usually, there are many ways to contact a single point of contact, such as a phone number, email, website, and app.

At Resourcing Edge, we take SPOC one step farther. Each client is assigned a single Personal Account Manager (PAM) for all of our services. In addition to our robust client and employee portals, we also assign just one contact per company so you can build a relationship with your service representative.

As opposed to a single channel of contact, you know exactly who your Resourcing Edge Personal Account Manager is, along with multiple contact methods, including email, phone, and client portal service tickets. The relationship and service you get from Resourcing Edge’s single point of contact makes all the difference.

Continue reading to learn why it’s so important to have a single point of contact for your HR, payroll, and benefits solutions.

4 Benefits of Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

  1. No Need to Re-Explain

Seeking out the right person to solve your problem can be frustrating and time consuming. When you have just one service representative, you’ll always be able to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Building a relationship with your Resourcing Edge Personal Account Manager is not just beneficial for you, it’s beneficial for everybody. Everyone can be more productive when there is just one assigned account manager.

Since there’s no need to re-explain anything, all questions and requests can be resolved on a timely basis. A SPOC eliminates the risk of miscommunication and prevents the need of repeating questions and requests over and over.

Combined with our powerful client and employee portals, information has never been so fast or flexible. Resourcing Edge integrates all communication so nothing ever gets lost or misplaced.

  1. No Wasted Time

We all know the pain of calling customer service and getting different answers from different people. Long wait times, inexperienced representatives, and phone chains seem to be the norm.

Not only are these incidents frustrating, they also waste a lot of time too. You’d consider yourself lucky if you solved your problem in one day. A SPOC is important whenever timeliness and accuracy are desired.

At Resourcing Edge, you’ll be able to have immediate access to all of your company and employee resources, as well as a dedicated Personal Account Manager to take care of anything you may need.

  1. Increased Trust and Dependability

When there is a real person you can rely on for all your questions and requests, you’ll be able to build a relationship with that person. A single point of contact makes your experience with a PEO a positive and happy one.

Your Resourcing Edge Personal Account Manager is in charge of the day-to-day communication and management of your business’s HR, risk and compliance, benefits, and payroll needs.

  1. Practical and Efficient

When you can call or email your account manager directly, you’ll never have to wait on hold or get transferred around from department to department.

Instead of spending time worrying about your HR, benefits, payroll, risk and compliance needs, you can spend time focusing on what matters most to you.

What if your SPOC isn’t available?

A single point of contact is there to make sure everything runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. But what if they aren’t available when you need them? It’s a common and understandable question.

Vacations, illnesses, and other interruptions shouldn’t result in inaction on the part of your PEO. And while we can’t speak for others, at Resourcing Edge, you’ll never be left in the dark.

If for some reason, your single point of contact is not available, you won’t have to explain everything all over again. We have a very well-structured portal and customer support organization in place to keep everything running smoothly.

By making use of our portals and integrated information systems, a fill-in account manager will be assigned to the case for a seamless and effective experience. This way, in the rare event that your Resourcing Edge Personal Account Manager is unavailable, you’ll still get all the support and information you need.

By hiring one firm to handle all of your HR, payroll, PTO, benefits, risk management and compliance, all you need to do is call your single point of contact. Every Resourcing Edge client is assigned a single point of contact for exceptional service.

Our goal is to help our clients free up precious time and resources by offering industry-leading human capital management solutions. We are committed to providing customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Shellie Rich

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