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At Resourcing Edge, we understand that you work hard to keep your family safe and secure. Taking care of your loved ones is top priority, so what happens if life takes an unexpected turn? Insurance will help you and those you care about push through a difficult time.

Consider this: 7 in 10 employed Americans would feel the financial pinch in a month or less without their paycheck, and 1 in 4 would feel the pinch immediately. 66% of all bankruptcies are tied to medical issues, including many people who have health insurance.

Take a look below for a brief breakdown of a few insurance plans we have available to help protect you, your family, and your business:

Critical Illness Insurance

Medical debt is the number one source of personal bankruptcy filings in the U.S. In 2014, an estimated 40% of Americans racked up debt resulting from a medical issue. Critical Illness insurance is an affordable HSA-friendly solution that pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness, helping offset costs of care and providing the freedom to choose treatment options. Key features include:

  1. Employee and family coverage – Coverage is available for employees, plus their spouse/domestic partner and dependent children/grandchildren
  2. Waiver of Premium benefit waives the renewal premium if a covered employee is totally disabled due to a critical illness where benefits are paid
  3. Reoccurrence Diagnosis benefit pays an additional lump-sum payment if a covered employee is a diagnosed for a second time with a covered condition for which a benefit has already been paid

Accident Expense Insurance

Between 2006 and 2015, the average deductible for all covered workers rose from $303 to $1,077. With Accident Expense insurance, coverage is guaranteed (there are no medical exams or tests to take) and is available for all employees, plus their spouse and/or children. There are also family-friendly benefits covering Child Organized Sports, Hospital Confinement-Child Care and Accident Death-Children Education.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Did you know the average hospital bill, per patient, exceeds $10k? Or that the average amount spent on out-of-pocket medical bills by those with health insurance who filed for bankruptcy is close to $20k? Hospital Indemnity insurance can help by paying benefits starting at admission for each day of hospital confinement, ultimately reducing our-of-pocket costs related to unexpected hospital expenses. This plan pays over and above any other health insurance benefits with no deductibles or co-insurance.

Resourcing Edge offers a variety of Assurity products that can assist you in times of need. Our Critical Illness, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity plans through Assurity will pay YOU should you or a family member get diagnosed with a Critical Illness, have a non-work-related injury due to an accident, or get confined to a hospital due to a sickness or injury. Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information.

Shellie Rich

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