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Live Support — With ConnectYourCare, you will have additional account benefits such as online access to account information, 24-hour customer service, a smartphone mobile app, and text messaging capabilities.

Easy Claims Process —You can submit your claims online, using the mobile app, or, for Health Care FSA claims, by using your new payment card. You can even snap a picture of your receipt and upload it directly from your phone into your account.

Convenient Payment Card — The payment card is like a debit card, and it allows you to easily access your Health Care FSA funds. At many retailers, your eligible health care expenses will be auto substantiated, reducing the need for you to submit receipts. You may still have to submit receipts for some of your purchases, so you will need to keep your receipts.

FSA Payment Cards

Your payment card is coming! If you enroll in FSA, you will soon receive a payment card for accessing your Health Care FSA funds mailed to your home address. Please pay special attention to your mail.

When you use your payment card to pay for eligible expenses, there is no need to file a claim online. Card charges automatically appear in your online account but be sure to keep your itemized receipts in case they are requested later.





Download the CYC mobile app, my CYC, from your app store






If you have any questions about your FSA or about how to download or use the mobile app, please contact Resourcing Edge Benefits at (877) 703-8010.


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