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With ZayZoon, your employees can access a portion of their paycheck before payday. ZayZoon  advances the employee a portion of their earned wages from ZayZoon’s funds. The repayment  of funds to ZayZoon occurs via a deduction on the next paycheck. The service is not a loan, employees pay a flat fee in order to access their earned wages before payday, without any employer liability!

Reduce Employee Financial Stress

38% of employees say financial stress distracts them at work. Do you have  one of these employees?
We can help.

Instant Access to Funds 24/7 365 Days a Year

In 30 seconds, employees can signup and have funds in their account. Whether it’s 3pm or 3am!

Inexpensive For Employees

Access increments of $200 (up to 50% of an employees earned wages)  for a $5 flat fee to avoid overdraft fees, late bill payments or to cover a cash flow shortfall between  paydays. Employees get  paid when they need.

Employees avoid costly loans, overdraft and late bill payments.

Give access to your employees their wages in advance of payday. They work everyday, why can’t they get paid everyday? By allowing your employees to access part of their paycheck  when they need, they gain control over their finances between  paydays. This can help them avoid costly alternatives like  overdraft fees and predatory loan products.



Matt Kinnear

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