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Did you know payroll mistakes occur twice as often in internal payroll solutions as opposed to third-party solutions?

At Resourcing Edge, we are aware payroll can be an absolute headache. It tends to be expensive, time-consuming, and occasionally problematic. According to National Payroll Week, 66% of Americans often experience financial difficulty if their paychecks are delayed by just one week. 49% of workers would leave a company all together after experiencing only two issues with their paychecks.

Listed below: 10 new payroll automation options to help make your professional life easier

Web-Based Time Collection

Web-based timekeeping solutions are quicker and easier. Employees are often more productive and, in addition, have more flexibility when it comes to payroll automation tasks specifically.

Mobile Manager Approvals

Managers now have the option to approve timekeeping reports through their mobile devices. This solution is faster and decreases cost.

Application Integration

One method of application integration is one called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It is the concept of businesses communicating electronically rather than on paper. This is a common solution because it works with CRM software systems.


The implementation of an employee portal is a perfect example of self-service payroll. Two things happen when you provide employees and supervisors with direct access to their HR and payroll information:

  1. Direct labor costs are lowered
  2. Employees are presented with the opportunity to perform better on tasks

Online Benefits Enrollment

Employees are able to self-enroll in benefits programs that are right for them with online benefits enrollment.

Central Data Repository

Need an easier way to store payroll data? Central Repositories are the solution. They can be accessed by managers directly online and help answer questions or concerns employees may have about their payroll.

Compliance Auditing

Payroll compliance audits can be expensive. Compliance auditing helps make the process less painful by improving the entire payroll operating system.

Payroll Preview

Payroll preview is a solution in which HR members review payroll prior to submission in order to ensure everything is correct. This solution helps minimize the number of payroll errors.

Online Processing

Timesheets and other payroll documents can be submitted through our payroll operation software, re360, with online processing. Online processing is accessible through any type of device and helps improve the workflow within your workplace.

A.I. Driven Payroll

A.I. driven payroll reduces delayed payment processing and the number of human payroll errors.

For more information about these top 10 technologies for your payroll operations, contact one of our Resourcing Edge HR Professionals today.

Matt Kinnear

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