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In our continued effort to provide solutions to employers and employees alike, our Payroll Department would like to highlight the benefits of using pay cards. Pay cards offer an alternative method of receiving paychecks, as opposed to live checks, if direct deposit is not a viable option for your employees. They provide a hassle-free, interruption-free process ensuring your employees are paid on time every time.

In recent years, different parts of the country have experienced a number of events causing interruptions to shipping lines. Hurricanes along the coast, tornadoes in the Midwest, earthquakes in the western United States, and snowstorms have all impacted shipping. When these transit and communication channels go down, live checks are simply no longer guaranteed to be delivered on time.

Resourcing Edge cares about you and your employees, and we understand the importance of employees receiving their paychecks when expected. We work hard to ensure your employees are always paid despite any obstacles that may arise. Sometimes, live checks are delayed for reasons outside of our and/or our clients’ control. In order to consistently pay your employees in a timely manner, and for an overall more seamless experience, we recommend replacing live checks with pay cards.

Pay cards work just like a direct deposit. Once payroll is processed, we electronically move the employee’s pay directly to their card. Once their card is loaded, they can use it as they would any other debit card. In the event your employees need access to cash, it is no problem at all. Employees can access the funds on their pay card either through an ATM partner or via an over-the-counter withdrawal. Employees can even check their card balances and find locations to cash checks on the pay card site (at no additional cost!)

There is simply no better way to ensure your employees are always paid in a reliable and secure manner than providing the opportunity for them to take advantage of pay cards. Please contact your Resourcing Edge Client Account Manager if you have any questions or would like more information.

Matt Kinnear

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