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You can add skills and certifications, and current or previous education, to your employees’ profiles? Type in “skills” in the search box, or navigate to “My Company” and then “Skills”. You can create your skills and certifications there, then attach them to your employees by going to “Employee Details” and then the “Skills & Education” tab to have them added. Previous or current education can be tracked by adding it directly in the same tab as “Employee Details” and simply typing it in.

You can track company property given to employees along with the value of the property in RE360 as well. Go to “My Company” and create a property code (i.e., Laptop). Then, go to the employee you would like to add it to, click the “Property” tab and add what you created by clicking on the “Property Code” hyperlink. You can then add the date issued, identifying numbers, value, date returned and any comments you would like to make.

You can also track vehicle and license information, as well as auto insurance policy information, for drivers for your business. Simply go to the employee you would like to add information for, click on the “Property” tab and add any pertinent information as needed.

Not only can you track all of this information, but you can also report from skills and property as well. Go to the report section icon just after “My Payroll” at the top of the screen in RE360 and you will find these reports under “HR | Report” (Employee Skills Report and Employee Property Report).

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