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Leave for Genetic Testing and Cancer Screening Requirement

Beginning August 1, 2023, Louisiana requires most employers with 20 or more employees in Louisiana to provide one day of unpaid leave to employees for medically necessary genetic testing and preventive cancer screening. Private educational institutions, nonprofits, and religious organizations are exempt.

Employees must be allowed to use any accrued paid time off, such as vacation time, during their leave.

Employee Notice and Documentation

Employers can require that employees provide at least 15 days’ notice of their need for leave and make a reasonable effort to schedule the leave so that it doesn’t disrupt business operations. Employers can also request documentation confirming that the testing or screening was performed but can’t ask for the test results.

Employer Notice

Employers need to post a notice about these rights in a conspicuous location at work. The state has been charged with creating a sample notice, which has not yet been released.

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