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Civil Air Patrol Leave and Discrimination Protections Enacted

Effective December 1, 2023, and applicable to absences thereafter, employers can’t discriminate or retaliate against any employee who is a member of the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol because of their civil air patrol membership or their duty-related absence. A duty-related absence is authorized if the absence is:

  • Necessary to perform duties for a state-approved mission or a mission authorized by the United States Air Force;
  • No longer than seven consecutive scheduled workdays of that employee; and
  • No more than 14 scheduled working days of that employee per calendar year.

Employers may require a copy of the employee’s mission order. Employers aren’t required to pay employees during an authorized absence unless the employee chooses to use any of their paid leave, if that’s their preference.

Additionally, employers can’t discriminate or take any adverse employment action against employees because of their membership in the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

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