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OFLA and Predictive Scheduling Changes

Beginning July 1, 2024, the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) will no longer run concurrently with Paid Leave Oregon. The OFLA applies to employers with 25 or more employees in Oregon. Eligible employees may draw on either OFLA or Paid Leave Oregon (but not both) for qualifying events. OFLA will not cover an employee’s or their family member’s serious health condition or parental bonding, except from July 1, 2024, through January 1, 2025. OFLA will provide up to two additional weeks of leave to facilitate the legal processes when fostering or adopting a child, and in 2025 it will be covered under Paid Leave Oregon. Otherwise, as of July 1, 2024, OFLA may only be used for:

  • Home care for the employee’s child (both serious and non-serious health conditions) as well as school and childcare closures for public health emergencies;
  • Bereavement; and
  • Pregnancy disability.

Other changes to note, effective in July:

  • OFLA leave will be capped at 12 weeks for home care of the employee’s child and for bereavement. Bereavement leave will be further limited to two weeks per family member with a maximum of four weeks in a given leave year.
  • OFLA will provide up to 12 additional weeks for pregnancy disability.
  • OFLA will no longer provide additional sick child leave for employees who take 12 weeks of parental leave.

The law also discusses paid time off and other accrued leave use, one-year-period definition, and an exception to additional pay mandates in the state’s predictive scheduling law when employers get little notice—about an employee taking or returning from leave—and they’ve already scheduled a temporary employee to cover the shifts.

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