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Evanston, IL Enacts Fair Workweek Ordinance

Effective September 1, 2023, a new City of Evanston Fair Workweek Ordinance will require employers—in the following industries with varying employee count thresholds:  hospitality, food service, retail, warehouse service, manufacturing, and building services—to provide their employees with:

  • Advance notice of their work schedules;
  • Schedule change notice with the right to decline previously unscheduled, added hours;
  • Compensation for schedule changes;
  • Additional working hours before offering the hours to new or contract employees;
  • The right to rest;
  • The right to request a flexible working arrangement; and
  • Notice of their rights under the law.


Employees covered by the ordinance must work for a covered employer, perform at least two hours of work in Evanston in a calendar week, and qualify for minimum wage. Employers can’t retaliate against an employee for asking about or exercising their rights under the law.

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