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Maine Employee Freedom of Speech Protections Enacted

Effective August 28, 2023, employers cannot fire, discipline, or penalize an employee because they:

  • Declined to attend an employer-sponsored meeting discussing the employer’s religious or political opinions;
  • Declined to receive employer-sponsored information about the employer’s religious or political opinions; or
  • Reported a violation of these protections.


The law does not apply to a religious employer nor do the protections prohibit employers from:

  • Communicating legally required information;
  • Having religious/political meetings or communications so long as they’re completely voluntary for employees to attend or receive; or
  • Notifying employees about any information that’s necessary for the employee’s job duties.


Action Items

  • Employers must conspicuously post a workplace notice of these employee rights by September 28, 2023 (30 days from the effective date).


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