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Civil Air Patrol Leave and Discrimination Protections Enacted

As of December 1, 2023, employers of all sizes must grant employees up to 14 days of unpaid leave per year to perform duties as members of the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. An absence is covered if it’s necessary to perform certain duties related to a state-approved or U.S. Air Force-approved mission.

Employers don’t have to allow employees to take more than seven consecutive workdays of leave (even though they have to allow up to 14 total workdays of leave per year) and can require that employees provide a copy of their mission order to prove their need for leave.

Employees must be allowed to use their accrued paid leave during the absence instead of taking it unpaid, if that’s their preference.

Additionally, employers can’t discriminate or take any adverse employment action against employees because of their membership in the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

Action Items

  • Add a Civil Air Patrol leave policy to your handbook
  • Update your Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies to include North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol membership
  • Ensure that managers are aware of these new protections and are providing appropriate time off
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