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New Jersey Expands Family Leave and Anti-Discrimination Notice Requirements

New Jersey now requires employers to provide annual notice to employees regarding their rights under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA). The NJLAD applies to employers of all sizes, and the NJFLA applies to employers with 30 or more employees.

Annual Notice to Employees

Covered employers must provide a copy of the NJLAD and NJFLA posters to each employee once a year and upon an employee’s first request. These notices can be provided:

  • By email,
  • In hard copy (for example, in a paycheck insert, as part of new hire paperwork, or attached to the employee handbook), or
  • On a company website that all employees can access if the employer tells employees that the posters are there each year.

Electronic Posters

As an alternative to hanging a physical copy of the NJLAD and NJFLA posters in the workplace (which was already required), New Jersey now specifically allows covered employers to display them on a company website that all employees can access if the employer usually posts other employee notices there. If you choose to put the posters on your website to meet both the posting and annual notice requirements, you will still need to tell employees where they can find the notices each year that they’re there.

The posters have also been updated. You can find the required NJLAD poster here and the NJFLA poster here.

Action Item

Resourcing Edge will provide the notice by December 31 of this year and, going forward, once a year.

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