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WFR Kansas Informational Updates 2022

Kansas State Tax parameter updated

Updated the Kansas State Tax filing status (FILINGSTATUS) miscellaneous parameter values effective 1 January 2019 to correspond to the language on Form K-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

listValues: updated from “S=Single, M=Married” to “S=Single, MJ=Joint”
helpText: updated from “‘S’-single or ‘M’-married” to “‘S’-single or ‘MJ’-joint”
regexDescription: updated to ‘S’-single or ‘MJ’-joint
certificateLineNo: updated from “Form K-4, Line 4” to “Form K-4, Line 3”

These changes do not affect any calculations. The only change you may see in your system is if you are retrieving any of these fields to display information or help text.

Note: The ‘M’ value for married will still be allowed and calculate exactly as before, so that any hardcoded setups using this value will not be broken. New setups however will only see ‘MJ’ displayed as a valid value moving forward.

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