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WFR Miscellaneous 2022

Incorrect gross-up calculations when using custom wages

When computing a gross-up calculation when custom wage types have been set, regular and supplemental wages were being re-added to the custom wages. This was causing the final gross wages result to be overstated. Regular and supplemental wages are no longer incorrectly added on top of the custom wages.

Previous state and predecessor SUTA wages now count YTD benefits

Previous state unemployment wages and predecessor unemployment wages will now account for year-to-date benefit contributions when determining if the current state SUTA tax limit is crossed.

Previously, situations could occur where the previous state/predecessor YTD unemployment gross wages may have exceeded the current unemployment tax wage base (resulting in no calculated tax). However, due to pre-tax benefit contributions, the limit had not actually been reached, and the SUTA tax should still have been withheld.

This could potentially affect any of your existing calculations or unit tests around previous state or predecessor unemployment wages if pre-tax benefits were involved, especially when nearing the tax limit.

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