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Retaining the best and brightest, especially in these times of low unemployment, is a goal of most companies. One of the best ways to reach this goal is to make the workplace more enjoyable. After all, employee happiness and satisfaction is crucial to business success. Employees who report the greatest happiness and satisfaction work at companies that consider their workplace and culture a major benefit.

“Most workers, many of whom are millennials, approach a role and a company with a highly defined set of expectations,” according to a recent Gallup survey. “They want their work to have meaning and purpose. They want to use their talents and strengths to do what they do best every day. They want to learn and develop. They want their job to fit their life.”

All employees, not just millennials, want to be recognized, engaged, and valued. Taking the time and thought to improve the workplace shows your employees that you care about them.

While a lot of workplace perks and benefits can be expensive and impossible to implement for some businesses, many are free or cheap to effectuate.

We can’t all be Google and offer things like free haircuts, on-site massages, and rec rooms, but all businesses have the potential for a happy and productive work environment. All it takes is some initiative and sound advice.

Remember, these are suggestions — pick the ones that are most applicable for your employees and culture. Contact Resourcing Edge to help implement staff benefits and perks to improve your business.

Company Culture

All the free snacks in the world won’t make much difference if the underlying culture is lacking. Have you heard of the Hawthorne effect? It basically says that increased employee recognition leads to higher worker productivity. Simply saying “Hi, how are you” and encouraging others to do the same will make people feel happier and more engaged at work.

After all, if nobody ever said anything to you, would you feel motivated to perform well? We tend to forget about other people when we are busy, but start making it a habit to say “Hi” and instill this friendliness in others.

Company leaders need to understand the essential qualities of the desired culture, how to hire the right personalities, and what they can do to make the workplace happier. This process involves living and breathing the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), such as Resourcing Edge, can provide training to build and foster a company culture that enhances retention and job satisfaction.

Fun Events

Break up the routine with a trip to the park, chair massages, guest speakers, or some other fun event.

Here are some tips for throwing a successful company event:

  • Know how many people will be attending so you can plan properly. Are partners or family invited?
  • Create an event planning team if you don’t already have one. This gives your employees voice and pride in the decision-making process. If, however, your team needs help, consider hiring a professional planner who specializes in the type of event you are planning.
  • Make the event interesting. Some ideas for events include zip lining, paintball, arcade, escape room, scavenger hunt, improve, rafting, or an afternoon movie. You can also come up with a theme like Disney, disco, outer space, or haunted house. It doesn’t have to be extravagant — a simple picnic is a great way for employees to relax and have a little fun. You can also bring the event to work. Your HR partners at Resourcing Edge can make sure you have the requisite releases that might be necessary for off-site functions.
  • Food is important. Make sure you have plenty of options for those with dietary restrictions and that everything tastes good. Include fan favorites.
  • Have a plan B. Weather is unpredictable, but don’t let it ruin the event. Make sure you have a back-up.
  • Make it a rule not to talk about work or business. This isn’t a time to go over company goals. It should all be about having fun and loosening up — that’s the point.

On-Site Amenities

Here are some examples of on-site amenities that employees love:

  • Gym
  • Childcare
  • Car wash
  • Spa
  • Showers and lockers
  • Onsite health services
  • Rec/Game rooms
  • Napping rooms
  • Parent rooms

If you have room for it, on-site amenities are a great way to encourage strong workplace relationships and happy, healthy employees. Things like ping pong tables, gyms, and wellness facilities can give employees a place to connect with others, unwind, and reset.

Dog-Friendly Spaces and Wellness Funds

People love their pets. But it can be difficult to find a sitter or leave them home alone. Some companies allow their employees to bring their pets to work with them. Others offer wellness funds that can be used toward doggie daycare and vet visits.

Companies interested in pet-friendly policies and workspaces need the help of experience HR professionals like those at Resourcing Edge. Policies must be in place to deal with issues such as more frequent breaks to walk pets or the possibility of accommodations for those who are allergic or afraid of dogs.

Wellness funds can be a great way to offer pet-friendly benefits without making non-pet-owning employees feel shortchanged since they can use the allowance for things like gym memberships, therapy, and healthy food.

While wellness dollars may not be common or well-understood, it turns the abstract concept of “wellness” into a concrete benefit that gets results. Not only will it help you recruit and retain top talent, but also helps reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and lower medical costs.

Quiet Room for Peace, Prayer, and Meditation

Work-life balance is important to people. But you don’t have to leave the office to feel balanced if there are wellness options available for employees.

Meditation is becoming more common in the workplace. Employees need time to re-center and refocus. If you do not have an outdoor space employees can escape to on their break time, you can create an indoor park of sorts by adding artificial turf flooring, beanbag chairs, and yoga mats.

If meditation and gyms just aren’t the style of the company, then you can ask your employees the types of things they would like to have implemented for better overall morale and health.

Physical Comfort

Many companies are getting away from the traditional cubicles and uncomfortable chairs. Employees want their workspace to be comfortable. Comfort facilitates creativity because the worker can focus on their projects and not their sore neck or back.

Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are examples of ways employees can feel more comfortable. You may also want to offer the option of using an exercise ball in lieu of a chair.

Common space couches and other unique seating could be an option for people looking to step away from their desk without losing productivity.


It’s difficult to focus when things aren’t clean or tidy. Is there a smell coming from the kitchen? Are the garbage cans overflowing?

Clean floors and bathrooms are an absolute must. Proper and periodic deep cleanings will transform any space and the workplace overall. It shows that you care about the atmosphere and the people working in it. Companies are more likely to retain workers that look forward to coming to a clean, thoughtful space.

Food and Drink

Free food and drink is a huge perk. Employees often rush to work and have little or no time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves. This can make their energy, productivity, and overall health slump over time.

For those with the budget, a complementary mid-day meal facilitates focus as well as boosts morale. Eating lunch in the workplace is a way to bring everyone together while also offering the break people need to finish up the day.

Eating lunch together in the office could also spark conversations and creative exchanges between employees that could benefit the company. Incentivizing employees to live a healthier lifestyle will benefit the productivity of the business in the long run.

If you’re not able to offer lunch every day, consider things like fruit and granola bars. At the very least, offer free coffee and tea. A beverage refrigerator with water, sparkling water, and assorted beverages would be a great perk as well.

Easy Ways to Improve Company Culture

  • Recognize and reward employee contributions.
  • Cultivate strong co-worker relationships.
  • Allow employees to take ownership of their work.
  • Embrace flexibility, one size does not fit all.
  • Get feedback from employees to see where their interests meet with your organizational goals.
  • Provide regular feedback that is authentic and useful, encouragement for when they’re doing a good job, and how to fix it when they’re not.
  • Make sure employees have the tools and training they need to succeed.
  • Uphold your core values. They’re not just words, they’re the heart of the company.
  • Devote time, effort, and resources to building a winning company culture.

Rethink Your Work Environment with Resourcing Edge

Workers, especially the younger generation, want a job that fits their lifestyle, and they are more willing to change jobs in search of a physical environment that feels right.

Many companies are rethinking their facilities and workspaces in order to recruit better talent, keep their top workers, and grow their business.

You can have an energizing workplace that results in low turnover and high retention. Contact Resourcing Edge today to learn more about the best employee benefits and perks for your business.

Shellie Rich

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