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Reporting all workers’ compensation claims promptly is a critical component to controlling workers’ compensation claim costs. Failure to report an employee’s claim promptly can have financial implications. Resourcing Edge requires that all claims be reported within 24 hours.

The financial effects of late reporting can be significant, as the average cost of a claim is typically higher if it is reported late. There are several reasons for this:

  • The opportunity to direct the initial treatment to an occupational health clinic that specializes in treating workers’ compensation injuries and coordinates with the employer’s Return to Work program may be lost.
  • A delay in seeking treatment may cause a deterioration in the employee’s condition that will prolong the employee’s recovery time.
  • The ability to deny a claim due to a worker being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also be impacted by reporting delays.
  • Many states have prompt reporting requirements and impose fines if a claim is reported late or even not reported at all6. NOTE: If a fine is assessed for a late report, Resourcing Edge will pass that fine onto our client.
  • Resourcing Edge reserves the right to implement a claim fee for those clients who continually report claims late.

When a claim is reported to Resourcing Edge, the following occurs:

  • Our Risk Management team will report the incident to our insurance carrier the same day.
  • Contact our client to gather additional information (is the employee losing time, where did they go for medical treatment, etc.).
  • Contact the employee to provide reassurance and assist them in navigating the workers’ compensation process.

Here are a few guidelines for encouraging prompt reporting of claims:

  • Train managers on the importance of reporting claims promptly.
  • Have written procedures on the process and assign a back-up contact in the event the manager is absent.
  • Encourage employees to report all claims, even if they do not think they are serious.
  • Reassure employees that there are no negative repercussions for reporting a claim.

Reporting all claims on time can provide Resourcing Edge an opportunity to investigate the accident in hopes of learning how you can prevent any future, similar accidents, and can help to keep insurance costs down.

Establish a company culture that emphasizes the need to report all claims promptly and that employees will not be punished for doing so. This may take some time, but you will see the rewards over time.

If you have any questions regarding Injury Reporting, please contact your Client Account Manager. They can arrange training with our Risk Management Department.

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