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While COVID-19 has left millions unemployed, some businesses still need background check services for hiring purposes or checking the records of existing employees. Due to the pandemic, processing times for some searches are experiencing delays.

However, some searches are running as quickly as they were before. There appears to be no additional wait time for:

  • Driving History Reports
  • Social Security Number Traces
  • Sex Offender Register
  • Credit Reports
  • Professional License Credentials
  • County Searches (where the counties involved have an automated system)

Increasing delays are occurring in some counties where there is no automated court system. Because the record check must be done by hand, background check services must rely on court personnel, many of whom are now working remotely without access to records. Even when court records are online, there are reports of slight delays with state and federal searches as well.

Previous employment verifications are also experiencing a slowdown as many companies are presently closed or are operating under a work from home policy. This sometimes makes it difficult to reach the verifier to get the information needed. Education verifications are also affected given that schools are closed, and no one is available to provide the information needed.

Some companies, including Resourcing Edge, a Professional Employer Organization, use an automated system for employment and education verifications and are therefore not impacted in the current circumstances. As a partner with our clients, RE has staff on hand who can provide up-to-date information for mortgage applications in less than 24 hours.

Drug Screening Timeframes – COVID-19

While most drug screening clinics remain open, they may be operating on a reduced schedule and with stay at home orders in place, it may take a little longer to get an appointment for a drug screen. But for now, it appears most candidates can be processed within the requisite 72-hour timeframe, and result delivery times have not been affected.

For more information, contact any of your HR professionals at Resourcing Edge.

Roberta McKay

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