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One of the benefits of partnering with a Professional Employer Organization like Resourcing Edge is all the additional value clients receive, such as free access to hundreds of online training courses through a learning management system (LMS). By having access to a robust LMS, managers don’t have to search out independent vendors for training materials, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Unfamiliar with LMS? Here’s some information on what you’ve been missing!

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is an online tool consisting of training videos that can keep you and your employees informed and up-to-date on a variety of subjects.

Managers can assign courses to employees who may need specific training or a refresher on a particular subject, such as “Shaping the Direction of Customer Service” and “Understanding a Manager’s Role for First Time Managers.” Also, employees may choose to select courses to advance learning in a variety of areas, including “Being an Effective Team Member” and “Planning and Delivering a Presentation.”

Managers can set dates for the start and the expected completion of the courses and they can track the progress the employee is making throughout the process. The LMS at Resourcing Edge is even integrated with other systems so that employees have a Single Sign On (SSO) button on their Employee Portal and one-click takes you straight to the LMS.

The trainings can occur on the worksite, or remotely for those working from home or on the road, and can be incorporated into a schedule that works for both the employer and the employee. The flexibility of an LMS eliminates the need to hire a trainer or arrange offsite training locations, which could be costly in terms of travel, lodging, and meals.

What can employees gain from a Learning Management System?

Employees will benefit by:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of what is expected from them in the workplace, and
  • knowing that you are investing in them and giving them a chance to develop and progress in the company.

Certification can be downloaded when the course has been completed and can be added to the employee portfolio.

What can an employer gain from offering a Learning Management System?

Employers who invest in their employees may gain a more loyal workforce who feel valued. Such loyalty may translate to a lower turnover of staff. Employees who feel valued are more engaged and may speak highly of your company to others. You will have a competitive advantage over other companies that do not offer training.

Having follow-up conversations with employees after a course has been completed will let you know what the employee has learned and how they can implement what they have learned in the workplace. It may help with employee relationships and with for future training of new or seasoned employees. Training through LMS also can help to identify hidden talents and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Investing in your workforce will elevate your business and improve your bottom line.

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