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Culture isn’t created overnight. It’s built on day-to-day expressions of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices. Creating the norms and expectations of a winning company culture takes time and practice.

The trouble is there are many factors at play when it comes to building an effective company culture: hiring, onboarding, training, management decisions, benefits packages, compensation, camaraderie, and more. All of this ties in with your human resources structure.

If you want to maintain a competitive edge and better serve your customers and employees, speak with Resourcing Edge, a Certified Professional Employer Organization, about building the right culture for your business.

The Crucial Role of Company Culture

A winning company culture supports and drives business success. It keeps employees engaged, cohesive, and results-driven, which translates to higher productivity and profitability.

If you have a strong culture, everybody is on the same mission with a clear focus on the organization’s goals. By defining how decisions are to be made and best ways to communicate, the entire organization wins.

Mission, Vision, and Values

There is no “correct” culture, but in order for an organization to succeed in the long term, its culture must be in sync with its mission, vision, and values.

The first step toward building a winning company culture is to lay the foundation in your mission, vision, and values statements. This helps create an organizational identity to guide and direct the company culture.

Mission Statement

The mission statement is a short and concise explanation of what your organization does and why it does it.

The best mission statements are short, punchy, specific, and realistic. Take for example, Field & Stream’s mission statement:

“Field & Stream is America’s largest outdoor sports magazine brand, delivering extensive service, best-in-class storytelling, and great photography and video to an audience of over 9 million hunters and fishermen.”

Vision Statement

The vision statement looks to the future to describe what the organization wishes to achieve. It’s all about who you want to become. Many vision statements start with phrases such as “To become,” “To transform,” “We seek,” and “We envision.”

Values Statement

A values statement lists the core principles of the organization and helps create a moral grounding for the company and its culture. Most companies refer to these statements as their core values.

You may also want to have a code of ethics that outlines the procedures for making sure the core values are being upheld. Think about the common ethical issues in your industry and what the procedures should be for a violation of those values.

In order for a mission, vision, and values statement to work, the organization must fully embrace it at all levels and use them daily to guide their actions and attitudes.

A PEO, such as Resourcing Edge, can help you articulate your mission, vision, and values statements so they mesh together with your business and culture.

How Does a PEO Help Build a Winning Company Culture?

Company culture is a living, breathing thing that must be cultivated. Working with HR specialists at Resourcing Edge gives you the support, services, systems, and tools you need to build and maintain the desired culture.

Resourcing Edge offers a full range of HR services, including:

  • Development of hiring, onboarding, and training strategies
  • Access to online training (nearly 8,000 courses)
  • Onsite facilitated training for managers
  • Employee satisfaction and opinion surveys
  • Fortune-500 level benefits at affordable rates
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Easy-to-use, web-based management software
  • Employee handbook preparation
  • HR assessments and consultations

At Resourcing Edge, HR specialists facilitate employee training to build and foster a company culture that enhances retention and job satisfaction. We also train managers on a variety of topics as establishing corporate cultures starts at the top.

Additionally, as a Certified PEO, we are able to provide organizations with affordable benefits packages, such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, wellness programs, and educational benefits that allow you to appeal to and retain first-rate employees.

PEOs are great partners in providing payroll, benefits, and HR services that underpin a positive, productive, and loyalty-inducing company culture.

The Bottom Line

An organization is most successful when the culture aligns with its values. A strong culture depends on strategic policies, management practices, and goals.

When trying to build, support, and maintain a winning company culture, don’t go alone. Rely on a PEO with the right expertise.

Resourcing Edge can help you develop and promote your company culture while ensuring compliance and saving you money on HR-related services. We are your single source for HR operations, providing administrative relief and HR best practices through a convenient PEO model.

Contact Resourcing Edge to learn exactly how we can help you create, execute, and maintain a winning company culture.

Shellie Rich

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