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There are many recruiting difficulties and skills shortages in the U.S. present in the workforce today which makes it particularly important to have recruiting and training strategies in place to combat the struggles. 68% of HR professionals across industries report challenging recruiting conditions in the current talent market in addition to other struggles in the recruiting process.

Some basic skills missing from candidates are basic computer skills or comprehensive mathematics. The most commonly reported applied skill shortages are critical thinking/problem-solving. This is coupled with the shortage in professionalism or work ethics and teamwork/collaboration. Additionally, it is not uncommon for employers to work without a training budget. This makes it particularly difficult to fill positions with the right individual. Recruiters must essentially find the ready-to-hire candidate who requires minimal training.

There has been a reported 68% of HR professionals who are having trouble recruiting candidates for full-time positions within their organization. Based on the surveys of the HR professionals regarding recruiting struggles, it was concluded that organizations are experiencing a more challenging recruiting environment as compared to previous years. The factors that are negatively impacting the recruiting process are the low number of people applying for positions. This low number can be due to lack of work experience needed of candidates or from competition from other employers. Additionally, there is 84% of HR professionals that have seen a shortage in applied skills in job applicants. This is in addition to many organizations operating without a training budget. Additionally, while some businesses are adapting to the shift toward social media sources as an excellent means of advertisement and networking in the business world, there is still a 70% lack of social media leveraging in recruiting strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • One-half of organizations cite factors such as a low number of applicants (51%), lack of the needed work experience among candidates (50%) and competition from other employers (49%) as reasons for difficulty finding candidates for their open positions.
  • 84% of HR professionals report seeing applied skills shortages in job applicants over the last 12 months.
  • 70% of organizations leverage social media as a recruiting strategy.

Evidently, it is imperative to have a proper recruiting strategy in place, especially during this increase in recruiting difficulties. A PEO like Resourcing Edge can take your business needs into consideration and ensure that a proper strategy is in place to continue the recruitment of qualified applicants for your organization. Rather than worry about these non-profit building tasks, contact a trusted HR Professional to take on this essential task for you.

*The above mentioned findings are from an expert view or a case study which can be found on the Society For Human Resource Management website*


Shellie Rich

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