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Most human resource departments have ditched paper and are successfully going digital. While some companies still use a paper-based system, it’s clear that those who have embraced digital technology are reaping the benefits.

In addition to being more efficient and productive, organizations that have chosen a web-based HR platform report improved confidence in possessing and providing the right documentation for their compliance obligations.

Adopting a reliable, web-based payroll and HR management system will reduce administrative workload and free up time and resources for more valuable contributions to the business. HR staff can now focus on the number one asset of the company — it’s people.

6 Benefits of a Web-Based Payroll and HR System

  1. Free Up Precious Space and Reduce Paper Waste

Once you’ve scanned all your paper records, you can get rid of them. Seriously, there’s no need to hold on to thousands upon thousands of pieces of paper once they exist in your web-based HR software. A green, paperless payroll and HR system eliminates the need for paper altogether. Just make sure you shred everything before throwing it away.

Embracing a digital HR platform means more valuable office space. Documents can easily be reviewed and signed digitally. You also don’t have to worry about records getting damaged from a fire or flood. Everything is now properly organized on secure servers for easy and flexible retrieval from multiple, virtual locations.

While you will still receive many paper documents from third parties, these can be easily digitized and then disposed of. From a legal standpoint, digital records are just as legitimate as paper formats, but if you ever do need a paper version, you can always print it out again.

  1. Increase Information Security

You may be worried about getting rid of all your paper records because they are tangible things you can touch and feel. For people accustomed to old-school reporting methods, electronic recordkeeping can seem confusing and fraught with danger.

But as long as you use a reliable and secure system and stay up-to-date with backup procedures and password protections, digital records are a lot safer and more secure than their paper counterparts.

Metadata information can be used to manage permissions, ensuring information is secure and only available to the right people. Permission systems can be automated so access can change as information moves through its lifecycle.

For instance, if an employee contract is shared with the employee and manager, only HR and those two people can view the document. Then, if the manager changes, the document would automatically be updated so only the employee and new manager could not access the contract.

Additionally, all data changes are recorded so HR has a full history of every piece of information, including who has accessed a document, what was done, and when.

When records are kept in drawers and filing cabinets, they can be easily stolen, read by the wrong person, or damaged by water and fire. HR departments who rely on paper frequently report highly confidential information such as employee records, grievances, and salary details getting compromised.

  1. Save Time and Reduce Stress

HR departments must manage an increasing amount of information that must be kept secure and confidential. Whether it’s employee records, contracts, payroll or medical information, it’s important to be able to find information quickly and not have to worry if it’s the most up-to-date version.

With paper-based information systems, HR staff waste a lot of time searching for the documents and information they need to carry out their jobs.

Have you ever spent hours trying to find an important file? Manual search can be extremely time-consuming, even if everything is carefully organized. With paper and filing cabinets, you have to know where a file or folder is stored. And what if the information you do find isn’t the most up-to-date version?

With digital files, you don’t have to know exactly where something is. You can search for records and documents based on what it is rather than where it is.

For instance, by tagging information with “metadata” properties, such as document type, employee name, department or job title, you can easily find all the related files without having to know where the file or folder is located. With digital recordkeeping, all of your documents are easily searchable for quick access.

Crucially, you can make any necessary changes to the document without having to manually find and replace all of the copies. This ensures one up-to-date version of the document so everyone always has the latest copy.

By digitizing all of your HR information, such as payroll, benefits, and employee status changes, HR departments can free up huge amounts of time while reducing work-related stress.

  1. Give Workers Self-Service Capabilities

Web-based payroll and HR services also benefit your employees. Online self-service tools allow employees to make easy changes and view important information without having to bother the HR department. This helps solve workers’ grievances while also saving valuable time for your HR team.

Using Resourcing Edge’s robust web-based management software, workers will no longer have to make persistent requests for reports and information. They can do most things themselves through our convenient Employee Service Center.

From the Employee Service Center, employees can: 

  • Update Personal Information
  • Make Direct Deposit Changes
  • View and Reprint Pay Stubs
  • Review Pay History
  • Reprint W-2’s
  • View Benefit Enrollment Status
  • View PTO, Flex, and 401(k) Year-to-Date Contributions
  • Log in to time and attendance portal (for Time and Attendance system users only)

  1. Access Everything from One Place, Anywhere in the World

By using just one system for all your HR needs, you can easily access anything you need from just one location. Using an intuitive, online interface makes it easy to view and modify content from anywhere in the world.

Web-based applications are great for being able to securely connect to your HR system from any internet-connected device. This is especially important for employees who are constantly on the road or work remotely.

  1. Apply Seamless Integration

Resourcing Edge’s web-based HR management software is completely flexible and customizable, making existing processes, reporting, and integration with other systems a piece of cake.

We also give you access to a marketplace of tightly integrated third-party add-ons available directly in the application. This increases speed, accuracy, and convenience since you don’t need to access or input data into multiple systems.

With the extra benefit of seamless integration of third-party applications, you can add all the features you need without having to use a new system. Just choose the add-ons that fit your particular needs — seamless integration happens automatically.

Best of all, we provide industry-leading support and guidance, stepping in whenever you need us.

One HR Information Management System That Works

When your information is easy to access, search, and manage, you are able to reduce stress and operate at a much higher level of efficiency. This all adds up to significant time and cost savings.

Even when HR departments go digital, HR information is often in more than one location, using multiple systems or locations. This can make it extremely difficult to find, share, and update information and ensure you are using the most up-to-date version.

That’s why it’s so important to have one hub for everything you need.

Our robust web-based management software, deployed in a SaaS environment, will improve and simply your HR department, as well as other areas of your business. Our secure and reliable HR and Payroll Solutions are available to you 24/7, weekend or holiday.

Save time and money by switching to our accurate and versatile web-based management software:

  • Access platform 24/7, anytime, anywhere
  • Save time, save money, and reduce complexity
  • Automate payroll
  • Manage documents, records, and other information
  • Eliminate adding up time cards
  • Compile employee data into informative reports
  • Develop employee schedules
  • Go paperless, save the planet
  • Provide employee self-service tools
  • Improve time and attendance
  • Restrict schedules, start times, and overtime
  • Track employee attendance and vacation
  • Improve compliance

From the Employee Service Center, employees can:

  • Update Personal Information
  • Make Direct Deposit Changes
  • View and Reprint Pay Stubs
  • Review Pay History
  • Reprint W-2’s
  • View Benefit Enrollment Status
  • View PTO, Flex, and 401(k) Year-to-Date Contributions
  • Log in to time and attendance portal (for Time and Attendance system users only)

From the Client Service Center, clients can:

  • Edit employee personal information
  • Change employee tax filing status
  • Review employee dependents
  • Track/perform employee events/reviews/discipline/goals
  • Track employee skills/education
  • Conduct annual benefit open enrollment
  • Add new hires/terminate/rehire
  • Change job/pay rates/status
  • Add/edit recurring deductions
  • Review employee payroll/benefits inquiries
  • Reprint employee check stubs/W-2s

But we don’t stop there. We take care of your payroll and tax filing while providing ongoing support and guidance through a dedicated, single point of contact.

Resourcing Edge is your single source for HR solutions, providing administrative relief and HR best practices through a convenient PEO model. Interested in learning more about our web-based payroll and HR solutions? Contact us today for more information!

Shellie Rich

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