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Currently, 95 percent of the U.S. population is subject to an emergency order related to COVID-19. Governors and other elected officials are issuing various measures to ensure the safety of residents and to prevent the further spread of the virus, including ordering non-essential businesses to close.

Business owners are adjusting to their new reality. Some industries, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and beauty salons, are closed until the stay-at-home orders are lifted. Other businesses, deemed “essential,” are open but are dealing with supply chain issues, absenteeism, and uncertainty about the strength of the economy. Many that are open, are now subject to new federal laws providing for paid sick and expanded family leave.

Most states, or large cities or counties within if not the state itself, have some sort of shutdown order in place. The level of restricted activity depends on the level of exposure and the emergency plans of respective government officials. Ohio, for example, has one of the most expansive and restrictive orders, while Iowa has few to no restrictions.

No states have mandated that residents are required to stay in their homes; however, most measures encourage people to stay at home and self-quarantine if possible. If people must go out to shop or to work in essential businesses, they should practice social distancing and good hygiene. A few places with high infection rates have implemented county-wide lockdowns and mandate remaining six feet apart. Recently, the CDC recommended everyone should wear some sort of mask, even if cloth, while in public.

For now, there are no solid answers about how long these emergency orders will stay in effect. The spread of the virus must be slowed so that healthcare providers and supplies are not overwhelmed and lives are saved. Lifting the orders too soon could have consequences, and so could not lifting them soon enough. In times like these, having a partner like Resourcing Edge can make all the difference in your company’s survival.

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Shellie Rich

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