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Recruiting Trends

Now that we have adjusted to the new normal, hiring is hot again. Healthcare and tech companies continue to boom. Hiring in other industries is on an upward trend. But what if you aren’t hiring right now? One of the best times to begin looking for great future hires is before you even need them. Regardless of what kind of business you are in, it is always a good idea to steadily be on the lookout for new talent. When you are always recruiting, you will have somebody in mind the next time you have an opening.


Recruiting is now easier than ever thanks to software applications called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). re360 Talent Connect, Resourcing Edge’s ATS, is inexpensive and simple to use. In addition to simply storing information, it can also help you attract, retain and nurture candidates. It even offers add-ons (like texting and AI) to address hiring challenges around sourcing, testing, and selecting candidates.

Benefits of an ATS:

  • Builds a waitlist of good talent for future openings
  • Makes your processes more efficient
  • Controls recruiting costs
  • Improves the quality of new hires
  • Enriches the candidate experience
  • Advances decision making
  • Upgrades team communication and collaboration
  • Promotes your employer brand

Be more efficient – Easily manage and track incoming applicants, keeping data organized and accessible to managers and teams. Search your talent pool quickly and easily by filtering categories like location, remote work, skills, education, or other TAGS. Move candidates through hiring stages with plug-in interview scheduling, candidate scorecards, and automated email responses.

Be more productive – Post jobs on multiple boards with just one click and use integrated email templates to communicate with candidates. Promote collaborative hiring through commenting and sharing features, allowing your team to give feedback on candidates without wasting time.

Improve the quality of hire – Identify candidates that best match the job requirements and success factors unique to your business.  Use assessments, screening questions, and workflows as helpers. Spend more time evaluating whether candidates share the qualities of your best employees or if they have something new to add to your organization.

Use performance reports – Data helps you assess your overall recruitment performance. Easily identify where you are wasting your recruitment spend versus where you should be using it to improve your results.

Provide better Candidate Experience and boost your Employer Brand – The job market has become candidate-centric. Delivering a modern, organized, and engaging recruiting process is essential to driving candidates to you. ATSs help you strengthen your employer branding during the candidate journey (through job posts, application forms, career pages, email communications, etc.).

What’s Next?

If you want the best talent for your company, you need to actively seek it out. Don’t wait until you have an open job to recruit. Make sure that you are always recruiting. For help with recruiting process, HR services, or an ATS demo, reach out to your Resourcing Edge Client Account Manager.

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