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Technology use in recruiting isn’t new, but how it has been stretched to accommodate a global pandemic is destined to have a lasting impact far after the worst of COVID-19 is over. By embracing digital recruiting in all its forms, companies stay competitive in talent acquisition, demonstrate their ability to keep up with the times, and can provide a better onboarding process to new hires.

When it comes to hiring practices, recent experience proves that effective methods include video interviewing, virtual career fairs, and leveraging technology.

Video Interviewing

Video interviews were already a thing before COVID-19, but they “Zoomed” to the top of the recruiting toolbox as an alternative to in-person interviews. Company recruiters and HR managers should give the video interview a permanent place in their hiring processes.

Whether on Zoom, or other technology, video interviews allow for safety, a more efficient hiring process, flexibility, and cut down on travel costs.

The key to an effective video interview is preparation. Before a video interview, your hiring managers should:

  • Check the tech. Use the method that works best for your company. Options include Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Anticipate the need for back up resources if the technology isn’t cooperative.
  • Provide the interviewee details about interviewers – names, roles, context. Give interviewers the applicant’s resume.
  • Assign questions if more than one interviewer so that there is no repetition.
  • Remind those conducting video interviews to use the same business manners as they would if the candidate were appearing in person.
  • Dress appropriately and make sure the camera is not capturing anything inappropriate in the background, including company confidential information.
  • One person should moderate.
  • Everyone should have phone and computer notifications off to allow full attention to the candidate.

Virtual Career Fairs

Companies face uncertain times because of ever-changing health guidelines and orders. But many are hiring, so now is the time to explore virtual hiring environments.

Virtual event programs can offer chat and teleconferencing features that allow job seekers to engage and interact with your company. Candidates can learn more about the company and hiring managers can see a large group of potential applicants safely and efficiently. This practice is especially helpful when organizations are looking to engage in high volume recruiting.


Leverage Technology

These days, it is crucial for employers to use technology to find new employees.  There are a variety of avenues that business owners can use to find qualified employee candidates including social media platforms, recruiting software and online job posting boards. Using technology in the hiring process is a great way to speed things up, allowing companies to find the right employee at the right price.

If your company uses recruiting software and hiring technology in your candidate application communication, you’ll:

  • reach more than 70% of people who use a mobile app or device when job searching (says Google)
  • be more likely to be viewed as a best-in-class employer
  • have access to the 60% of candidates whose social media is an extension of their professional personalities (says Google)
  • get noticed on the most prominent career sites – Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn
  • quickly screen potential employees with video chat so you can spend more time taking care of business

Ready to Embrace Virtual Recruiting?

Your company may have dipped a toe into the virtual recruiting pond with video interviews but is hesitant to take the plunge. Let us help. The Resourcing Edge recruiting team can advise you on how to fully embrace virtual recruiting by optimizing technology for your hiring needs.

Give us a call at 1-877-703-8010 or drop an email to Or better yet, let’s schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss!



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